SDF​-​1 (Prod. By Rukunetsu)

by TekForce

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Robert Anderson
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Robert Anderson Amazing track about one of my favorite anime's; RoboTech.
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A tribute track to the first anime series that ever caught my attention, Macross. I remember watching this series as a kid and it changed my life forever. The song tells the story of Rick Hunter,and how he became a pilot aboard the Super Dimensional Fortress 1. It goes into detail about his brother Roy Fokker, who died in battle, and how Rick became a driving force against the invading alien army of the Zentradi.

From Tek Support, my solo album dropping late June...


I represent the/ Super Dimensional Space Force
Fighter Pilot Extraordinaire/Rick Hunter Of Course
I travel galaxies/destroyin the zentradi see
Beast mode always/bad in 360 degrees
Invaded my planet/with little rhyme or reason
But it’s cool/by rule/it’s a massive killin season
I didn’t want it/but you brought to us
You killed my brother Roy/and that was more than enough

I’m on the S-D-F-1
You on the S-D-F-1
We on the S-D-F-1
This is not a game/we don’t do it for fun

I started off flyin/skills infinite son
Self-absorbed/yes my ego was second to none
Yea I had a lot of girls/see they thought I was cool
My big brother tried to tell me/I was actin like a tool
Well to him I was a fool/but I still had the skills
He was part of the Skull Squad/he ran it for real
A cool dude/that never faltered under any pressure
With his girl Claudia/he never was the lesser
Couldn’t follow his lead/he was tryin to do right
But my brother was killed/in the middle of the night
When he didn’t make it, didn’t know what to do
He said, “the needs of the many outweigh
The needs of a few/whew…
Now I gotta take arms/joined the defense force
The storm is right after the calm
I’m confused about a lot/but my path is comin
Gonna train in the military and send them runnin
I’m gonna make em pay/ for them causin us pain
I’ll never talk to my bro/it’ll never be the same
My only family/the whole dynamic has changed
And the aliens at large/are the only to blame
Got a god given talent/and I’ll put it to use
Even with this whole war/being seemingly obtuse
I’ll put the helmet on/leaving caution to the wind
Enough with the talkin man/let’s begin

I’m on the S-D-F-1
You on the S-D-F-1
We on the S-D-F-1
This is not a game/we don’t do it for fun

Now I’m trained as a warrior/fully armed with the VF-1
All of em aren’t real/like reality on VH1
Change into a battroid / rifle on my side
take em out if they are bold/no place to hide
Got a dude on my team/by the name of Max Sterling
Always got my back/and we’ll send these dudes hurling
This chick minmei/thinks I need to hang it up
But my main chick Lisa’s/thinks I ain’t doin enough
Flyin through space/at a dangerous time
Thinkin this might be the end/and when I draw the line
But now that I’m commited/proceedin the follow through
It’s revenge on my mind/I know just what to do
The people on this ship/mean the world to me
Defend em to the end that’s the way it’s gotta be
Now off to attack/with my many infantry
Exposin the zentradi/it’s for all the world to see

I’m on the S-D-F-1
You on the S-D-F-1
We on the S-D-F-1
This is not a game/we don’t do it for fun


released May 25, 2015
Prod. By Rukunetsu
Mixed by Klopfenpop
Twitter: @TekForceRises
FB: TekForce



all rights reserved


TekForce Texas

An Emcee, that has loved hip hop for as long as he can remember. Dedicated to making the best music he can, and keeping the movement consistent, while innovating at the same time.

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