011 Ft. Halo Sama

by TekForce, Halo Sama

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HUUUUGEEE fan of Stranger Things, so much so that I decided to do a song about the character I thought was the most compelling, 011. The show is a GREAT throwback to the 80's, and some of the best movies to come out at that time. Got my good friend Halo Sama to do the hook as 011. Plus she and her husband Terry Parr did the artwork! Enjoy!


She came into this world/ as a science experiment
Little girl scared/always in a state of detriment
Kept inside a cell/She spent most of her life
Makeshift dad/seemed that everything was right
No mother in sight/girl never had a clue
What real love meant/from a family of two
The little that she had/was from a man didn’t care
He was Govt controlled/parental style laissez faire
Put her in a tank/closed off from the world
Stuck in a dark place/why to a little girl?
Shadowworld bound/she heard all the growls
Yelled for her papa/but he never made a sound
Sick of all the promises/never did he keep
Locked her away/until she cried and fell sleep
She had had enough/ broke the neck of two guards
Escaped into the woods/leaving all the mental scars


11 (oh I’m freakin out)
11 (what’s this world about)
11 (I’m just pain inside)
11 (my anger won’t subside)

11 (oh I’m freakin out)
11 (what’s this world about)
11 I’m just pain inside)
11(my rage is cyanide)

They found the bodies /and of course gave chase
By that time she found a friend/and was stayin at his place
Mike was his name/he was lookin for his friend
Was missing in the forest/crew assembled/xmen
11 didn’t speak/we’ll maybe a little bit
Everytime she used her powers/always thinking this it
All that she wanted/was a chance to get away
Feds tappin all the phones/showin that they didn’t play
They tracked her down/as well as the boys
Had nowhere to run/proper plan was deployed
In the hallway of school/that anger set in
Tired of being a toy/this moment it ends
Pulled guns on her/with the intention to kill
But they didn’t know/it was about to get real


released September 7, 2016
Production: TekForce

Artwork: Halo Sama & Terry Parr for Shonuff Studios www.shonuffstudios.com

Mixing & Mastering: Beatnerd Hubb for Bonded Souls Music



all rights reserved


TekForce Texas

An Emcee, that has loved hip hop for as long as he can remember. Dedicated to making the best music he can, and keeping the movement consistent, while innovating at the same time.

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